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Richard Allan Ream 


  • Birthday: August 8
  • Birthplace: Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Former Jobs: Hairdresser, lifeguard, emergency medical technician,
  • suite salesman, modeling school teacher
  • First Band: The GTOs - he played the guitar
  • First Album Bought: Deep Purple's Live In Japan
  • Computer:  Various Macintosh computers

  • Pennsylvania-born Rikki grew up in Harrisburg
    and decided to become
    a drummer after hearing Peter Criss of Kiss.

    He was only twelve when he got his first drum kit, which he used to bang out his favourite tunes by the Beatles and Aerosmith.  
    Before long, Rockett landed in a local cover band, through which he
    hooked up with vocalist Bret Michaels who shared Rikki's
    desire to write original material.

    There's no forum for original acts back east," Rockett explained. "You can stick in a few of your songs, but the bars prefer covers."

    Eventually, the pair (accompanied by bassist Bobby Dall and
    guitarist Matt Smith) saved up enough money to finance the move to Los Angeles where they began their rise to the top of the rock heap with their over-the-top image and live performances. 
    I think people are instantly attracted to an image that's lavish and colossal, so we work hard to create a spectacle, to be entertaining," Rikki said a few years ago. 
    Rockett, who himself is a haircolorist and stylist
    (infact, he first me Michaels when he came over to Bret's house to cut his sister Michele's hair), is pending less time on his hair nowadays, preferring to let Poison's music do all the talking.  
    Presently, much of Rockett's time away from the band is taken up by his involvement in Old Ghosts Design line of clothes and accessories, which he formed with skateboarding pal John A.Grigley. 
    Our stuff is anti-fashion.  And it's got a real sense of humour," Rikki said of the company, which manufactures pants, dresses, t-shirts, necklaces and bracelets,among other goodies. 
    While Rikki sticks mostly to playing drums, he is also a capable
    guitarist, a skill which he has put to great use on the band's most recent recorded offerings. 
    It's so much easier to explain a song (to the rest of the group) if you can play it.  It's really bitchin' the way we work together," stated the drummer proudly.

    "We all write separately, but then we bring the songs in to the pile and band just rips it apart and says, 'We're going to do this,and it's totally different by the time it's done.  Maybe 10 years from now I'll be whole enough to write as good as Poison does together.  But I don't know," the 5'11", 155 pound Rockett laughed. 
    Having spent most of the last decade performing and virtually living with his bandmates (in fact, literally so in Poison's earlydays in L.A.), Rikki admits that relations between various group members have from time to time gotten extremely tense, but not nearly to the extent that it has been reported in the press. 
    Sometimes people observe you and come up with stuff," the unmarried skinbeater stated. 
    Back east, we don't discussthings, we scream at each other.  So people will see us hollering and say, 'That it.  They're breaking up.' Then, it's like, five minutes later, we'll hug each other or whatever.  That's just the way we discuss things, and people see that and freak out.  It's theway my parents talk to each other."
    Mr Rockett is currently working on his comic book series for more info visit here
    Rockett Nett 
    Photos of Rikki Here