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 C.C. Deville

Real Name:Bruce Anthony Johannsen
Born: May 14, 196?
Birthplace:Brooklyn New York

"Life is too short. You have to realize just how precious life is. It is too short to be that serious. You have to enjoy your life while you have it."
That's what the Poison axeman has been known to say. 
True, he's lived it up and gained a reputation for heartily partying and playing his heart out when on stage. 
Born in Brooklyn, he actually ended up driving a taxi when he entered
the work force. What a stereotype! 
The first concert C.C. ever attended was, like so many others who've
gone on to larger than life rock stardom, Kiss
He describes himself as loud, fast talking and obsessive and digs guitars so much, that he owns at least
275 guitars. Wow!! That's a lotta wood! That's a lotta strings Too! Lucky for C.C. he can indulge himself in his hobby. 
While he used to be a messenger for a photography service, among other thing, the guitarist is quite happy playin' guitar for a livin' and even though his time with Poison has come to an end, he will be making music again. 
Nice noise that C.C. grew up listening to included
Van Halen and Aerosmith  
with favorite albums Rocket to Russia by the Ramones
Heaven Tonight by Cheap Trick
When the young rockerdecided he had enough with trying to make an honest living, he set off for L.A. and played with bands
St. James and Screaming Mimi before hooking up with Bret and Kind of like a "live life to the fullest"
credo, and we agree!!  
Photo's of CC Are Here 
More Bio On Mr. DeVille Later 
Here is his Email address