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Bret Michael Sychak
  • Birthday:  March 15, 1963
  • Grew up: Butler,PA Mechanicsburg,PA
  • First Concert: Sweet
  • Former Jobs: Cook, busboy, delivery man, maintenance worker
  • First Band: Laser
  • Movies:   Burke's Law - played rock star;
  • "A Letter From Death Row" - self financed film starring Bret
  •  to be released in Jan/Feb 98
  • Voted:    Sexist Rock Star by Play Girl, August 1993

  • Born Butler, Pennsylvania,
    Bret Michaels was raised in Mechanicsburg,
    where he spent most of his time listening to rock music,
    riding motorcycles and  causing havoc wherever he went.

    "I always was an active kid, always getting in and out of trouble,"
    remembers Bret, who admitted that he was arrested
    a few times, mostly for curfew violations.

    "I've always done my ownthing, for better or worse. I've never had men in suits and ties tell me what to do." 
    Citing earliest musical influences as Kiss, AC/DC, Sweet and Aerosmith,

    Bret began his performing careerwith a basement band called
    Laser, eventually moving on to Spectres, which he formed with Rikki.

    "Back then, all I knew was I wanted my dad to hate us and I
    wanted my mom to hate us," explained Bret.

    "That's what I lived for. Back in Pennsylvania, there was nothing I loved more than flipping a guy off while driving down the street with me and a bunch of my buddies in the car."   
    Michaels may have had his share of fun in the early days,
    but he's also had to contend with the fact that he was suffering from diabetes, a terrifying disease which forces him to monitor his blood sugar and take insulin
    shots on a daily basis.  
    "I went into insulin shock around three times when I was little
    and had to go the hospital in an ambulance. That was very scary,"
    stated Bret,who often gets mistaken for a heroin addict when people come across syringes in his trash as hotels.   
    "I was once in a Portland, Maine hotel," recalled Bret, "and the maid came in theclean the room, and she saw the syringe in the trash basket and
    called the police because shethought I was a junkie and she was going to get
    AIDS because she touched the basket. I had to go to
    the police station and prove that I wasn't."  
    Not about to let the disease prevent him from pursuing his goals or his active lifestyle, Michaels was determined to lead as normal a life as he could, which he accomplished through constant support from his friends and taking
    "as good care as I could," Bret explained. "For the most part, I never let it stop me from doing anything." 
    Describing his younger self as a "loner, an independent kid,"
    Bret's always been able to do things by himself, which gave him time to
    "take in a lot" and ultimately helped him when it came to writing songs.

    An intense, hardworking individual, Bret professes to being attracted to "women that are ambitious, that know what they want.
    I love aggressive girls, in the sense of that they say what they want."

    He met his ex-girlfriend, Susie Hatton , backstage at a Poison show. She became a recording artist  and Michaels wrote most of the material for and produced her well-received 1991Giant Records debut.

    As the main songwriter in Poison, Bret is a competent guitarist and pianist,which allows him to cover more musical ground and experiment with a variety of sounds that a mere vocalist would not be able to do. But even though he is responsible for most of the songwriting in thegroup, Bret doesn't view the rest of Poison as his backing band.

    "I don't run this band. I'm not the leader. We split everything four ways," said the singer.  
    Bret regularly works out to keep himself in top shape, which he has to in order to maintain,the intensive touring schedule that Poison was renowned for. Of course, the female Poison fans don't mind it either, branding the frontman "one of the sexiest rockers around. " While he appreciates such attention, he modestly brushes it off by saying,

    "If you saw me in the morning, I wouldn't even bein the Top 500!"

    This down-to-earth attitude is equally evident in the way Bret treats and talks about Poison's fans, who he feels are "on an even par with us. I hate it when I hear other stars saying how they 'want to come down to the fans' level', 'cause we party, we're never rude to anyone."   
    While Bret keeps pretty busy touring, recording and writing with Poison, he occasionally finds the time to check out a movie or two, preferably with his
    favorite actors, Sly Stallone, Mel Gibson,
    favorite actresses, Jami Gertz, Kelly LeBrock and Brigitte Nielsen.

    Naming Rambo as his favorite movie of all time, Michaels also likes to read in is spare time (of which there isn't very much at the moment), with The Outsiders topping his list of favorite books.   
    Although he's an experienced performer, Bret admits that he and the rest of Poison still get "more nervous than anyother band in the world" when playing live, "but that gives us more energy than any other
    band in the world.," explained the blonde vocalist.   
    "The nervousness eventually falls into place a little better. You expect it every night. You learn the pattern."

    Despite having sold millions of records all over the world, Bret is still not completely satisfied with his achievements thus far, adding that he would like to expand musically, especially as a frontman and a singer. 
    In the past, I've held back on some of the talents I have at being a frontman, and each year I release some of those abilities, little by little," remarked Michaels.
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