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Robert KuyKendall
Birthday: November 2
Birthplace:  Miami, FL
Former Jobs: Truck stop cook, clam digger
First Band: In grade school - Oblivion
Residence: Melbourne Beach, FL
Bobby is married to Michelle(Mishy)
They have a  son named Zack and a daughter named Zoe.
Mr. Dall likes to golf and loves the water.  
Miami, Florida-born Bobby Dall became interested in playing rock'n'roll at a very young age, after hearing the Rolling Stones, Kiss and Alice Cooper, whom he still cites as his main musical influences.   
"I've had my hair long since I was 9 or 10," remembered Bobby,
who had his first band, Oblivion, in grade school. 
After moving up north, Dall met up with Bret and explained Bobby.
The tallest of the Poison bunch. 
Dall described himself as "the quieter one on the band. But none of us are really quiet. I tend to think with the right side of my brain. I worry more than the most people. I was supposed to be a lawyer. It was law or rock'n'roll." 
Luckily, his music career took off in a major way,
enabling him to perform for thousands of people every night as
Poison toured the world to promote their albums. 
 Bobby admits that he still gets nervous about playing live, adding that
"I think about every self-doubt I ever had - they all come back to me"
before taking the stage. 
"Splitting pants, getting nervous. I'm always nervous until the first chord, and then I'm fine. There are nights when I can't get the tone together. But instead of bumming out, you have to do the best that you can." 
 In his pre-Poison days, Dall worked as a cook, carpenter and clam digger, and had actually planned to go to college, but changed his mind after his music began taking over his life. 
Although Bobby lived in L.A. for a while, he has since
moved back to Florida, where he feels most at home.
"I grew up in Florida, you know? There was a gator in the bushes and he was calling my name. I just enjoy it much more," stated the bassist. 
 In his spare time, he likes to read Stephen King novels and
watch The People's Court and The Honeymooners on TV. 
Dall is also a big movie buff, and his favorite actors include
Sylvestor Stallone and Clint Eastwood. 
 The November 2-born rocker doesn't consider himself about the people that listen to his music and often disappears on the road between Poison concerts, once having fans in Philadelphia drive him to New York where he opened the Cat Club after closing time play D.J. for his fellow passengers. 
Bobby realizes that being in the public eye so much opens him up for media scrutiny, but still admits that "criticism sometimes really pisses me off." 
To his credit, he doesn't take Poison too seriously, offering that
"our message is fun, nothing more.
We're not here to remind you of your problems." 
While Poison is assured of a lengthy, fruitful future, Bobby can't help but sometimes wonder what he will be doing once the band is a thing of the past. 
 "There's nothing else that I really want to do," he stated. "If something ever happened to Poison, I think I'd cash my chip in and retire. I love to work, but I couldn't work for something I didn't believe in. I believe in Poison." 
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